Create a Bedroom Haven with Bedside Tables

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If you're redecorating your bedroom, there's one piece of furniture you must never overlook: bedside tables! This versatile table is more than simply a place to put your skincare routine, reading glasses, and phone; it's a gorgeous accent element without which no bedroom should be.

Bedside tables are undoubtedly functional pieces of furniture, but not one to be overlooked. It's usually a place to put a book you read before going to bed, your phone charger, a glass of water, and various other tidbits you may throw its way, a bedside table is a great addition to your room!

Your bedside table is the ideal method to show off your design aesthetic. The contents of a bedside table can reveal a lot about its owner's personality and tastes, including literary, floral, colour, and even wake-up inclinations. But, perhaps more than its contents, the bedside table can reflect your interior design style - boho, classic, modern, shabby chic, minimalist, or whichever style you feel yourself to be. You can also opt for a fusion style.


Are you looking for some styling ideas? First and foremost, you'll require a lovely lamp. Choose a light with a modest foundation and a jewellery dish for your earrings if you prefer a minimalist style. If you have more room, consider adding flowers in a small vase (or dried flowers, which you may enjoy all year) and a photo or art print in a frame. You could even add a plant or a customized candle to the mix.

Night Lamp

A lamp is a vital functional bedside element unless you have swinging chandeliers above or wall lights around your bed. It can also be an easy method to give your bedside table some major aesthetic flair. Look for a light that complements your decor while not taking up a lot of room. When arranging your bedside table, start with the lamp and work your way around it; it will serve as your anchor point.

Add Flowers or Plants

Whether a single stem or a bouquet, fresh flowers add an earthy touch to the room while also adding a splash of color. Choose a delicate plant like an orchid or fern or a more sturdy sculptural succulent like a "string of pearls" for a more permanent touch.

Art Pieces

With a few styling methods, you can convert that small table into a perfectly decorated centre piece that represents your design approach in no time. Modify your bedside table with some tiny things leaning against the wall.


If books are a constant presence on your nightstand, why don't they make them the centre of attention? To add height and variety to your table, stack a few beautiful books on top of each other. Put a vase on top and a ring dish to the side to maximize the table's area.


Dressing a bedside table is unquestionably an art form. It's easy to have too few, too many, or simply the wrong combination of accessories, but once you've found the perfect balance of pieces for your bedside table, the results speak for themselves.

An excellently crafted bedside table is required for every bedroom, perfect for tying a bedroom's appearance together, displaying your particular taste, and serving as a house for practical things.

Are you undecided about whether to complement yours with a striking table lamp or a slew of accessories? Here are our top six tips for styling a bedside table for a great look.

Welcome Different Heights

When it comes to crafting a bedtime ensemble, proportions are crucial. Using items of the same height can result in a flat appearance, but accents of varying heights give dynamism.

Tall designs are fantastic for creating a sense of drama and high-impact, while smaller accents provide balance and tranquility.

Note that a bedside table is frequently the last thing you see before going to bed, and arranging items of various shapes and sizes on it lends a touch of feng shui to the room, assisting in creating a peaceful sleeping environment.

Think About Texture

Adding texture to bedside table style instantly produces an enticing presentation. Consider the surface you'll be working with before choosing which textures to employ.

Diverse forms of bedside tables, whether made of rich wood, mirrored glass, or metal, naturally call for different textures to be decorated. Smooth accents, such as porcelain vases and table lamps, contrast beautifully with high-shine veneers. Tactile accents, such as hammered metal pieces and coral sculptures, can complement furniture with a prominent grain or attract attention to a sleek glass surface.

Make It Personal

Bedside tables, as well as being decorative, can serve as a functional storage space for your practical and personal items. Remember that when picking essential extras like clocks or valet trays to keep valuable trinkets secure in one spot, there's no need to sacrifice style. Invest in multi-functional designs that serve a useful purpose and enhance your overall design strategy.

Personal touches are also a lovely way to dress up a nightstand. A bedside arrangement that is entirely yours includes picture frames loaded with cherished images or artwork. Individual touches include candles in your favourite aroma or a vase packed with your favourite flowers.

Play with Symmetry

A stunning technique always attractive to the eye is playing with symmetry. Consider creating a "mirror image" effect with similar bedside arrangements on both sides. Twin table lamps give a room a sense of the calm and lovely way to frame a bed.

Contrast and Complement

The appropriate colours are vital to a bedside arrangement's effectiveness, and complementing and contrasting the colour of your nightstand is a great way to draw attention to its design.

Remember That Less is More

Less is more is one of the fundamental keys of en pointe bedside design. While the abundance of unusual accessories available may entice you to over-accessorize your bedside tables, a few statement pieces will always outperform a slew of standard accents.

It's crucial to remember that bedside table decorations complement the table's surface, not hide. Don't be afraid to go bare and let well-chosen, classic designs reflect and complement your tabletop's craftsmanship and materials.

Keep it Real

If you require more storage, be realistic about your space requirements. Don't be afraid to opt for a bedside table with drawers or even one with both a closed and open compartment, which is ideal for storing essentials and things you don't like on display. Remove the clutter from the top of the shelf to highlight your more attractive items. Use beautiful boxes or elegant wicker baskets to hide your bits and pieces if you have an open bedside table but want more storage.


Finally, outstanding bedside styling is mostly about achieving balance in terms of height, colour, texture, and shape. Take a step back and evaluate over your bedside table to see if anything is missing or if you may improve it. When it comes to a bedside table, consider that less is more. Simple and sparse bedside tables with only a few hand-picked pieces on display are sometimes the most lovely.



The size of a nightstand is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Measure the space next to your bed (or anywhere you want it to go), and then pick a nightstand that fits comfortably within those parameters. Keep in mind that some bedside tables are taller than others, and if you have a low bed frame, the two may not work well together.


Style is a matter of personal taste, but it also impacts how your table will fit and seem in your bedroom. If you have a tiny space, rounded or thin nightstands are a good choice because they provide more surface area without being too bulky. You should also consider whether you choose closed drawers or doors or if open shelving would suffice.


Many bedside tables require assembly, so keep that in mind while selecting. Some merely need you to set the top on the legs in a single step, whereas others take one to two hours to complete. Make sure you know how much time and work the nightstands will take to put together, and request some help if two assemblies are required.


  • A table lamp that suits your style and the room's dimensions is a nightstand must-have. When you're in bed, the ideal light should provide reading comfort while not beaming the lighting in your partner's eyes.
  • Add a small vase of fresh flowers or succulents as a finishing touch.
  • Most of us charge our phones at night, so make sure there are enough charging stations nearby and that connections and wires are neatly organized.
  • Try investing in some metallic bookends to keep your library from collapsing if you enjoy reading!
  • If you have the space, essential oils in diffusers or candles make a charming accent to your bedside.
  • If you need to keep your night creams and lotions close at hand, keep them in a small wicker bowl or trays.
  • Do you enjoy art? Place a framed photo, or even your family picture, on your bedside table for a nice personal touch.
  • Remember that your tables may get scratched or soiled, so always use reed or lace mats to protect them. Coffee mugs will form rings, so having some coasters on hand is good.
  • If you're not careful, any tabletop will quickly get cluttered. Make it a habit to clean your bedside table as part of your daily routine to keep it clutter-free and well-organized.


Do you need a bedside table?

Bedside tables are the focal point of your room and, on a practical level, the most important piece of furniture. On the other hand, good nightstands are a close second in terms of bedroom necessities. A platform to place your cellphone and a glass of water, a table lamp, and other basics are required.

How big is a bedside table? What's the ideal height?

The size of your bed determines your nightstand's height. Taller nightstand models are typically more or less 30-inches high, which is something to consider if you have a platform or storage bed. In general, you should align the top of the nightstand with the top of your mattress.

What are some creative ways to dress up a nightstand?

There are numerous ways to adorn nightstands that are both attractive and functional. If your bedside table has an open shelf, stack some ornamental coffee table books on top and keeps it simple to keep it look tidy. If you're dealing with a cabinet or drawers, add a trendy lamp or alarm clock to complete the look.

What's the best way to match your nightstands to your bed?

Evaluate your bed frame and other furniture pieces you currently have if you're designing your bedroom with separate items rather than a furniture set. Nightstands can be used as a flash of color or create a more coherent design, depending on your style.

How much is a bedside table?

Sweet Pea Interiors offer different bedside tables for $165-$1,375.


Invest in the greatest night table to complement your refuge of peace where you sleep, dress, and store your voluminous wardrobe. Everything is within easy reach, from your reading materials to a glass of water, a night lamp, glasses, and even the baby's bottle. Nightstand tables are not only useful for bridging the void on either side of your bed, but they're also great for hiding and sheltering bedside essentials.

Here at Sweet Pea Interiors, we have various bedside tables. Please look at our vast collection and find the right piece for your bedroom.