Find the Best Dining Chairs for Your Home

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At Sweet Pea Interiors, we're all about combining design and function, and nowhere is this more crucial than one type of seat in your home: the dining chair. Finding dining chairs that can withstand pet claws, wine stains, dirty hands, and the numerous personalities who will dine at your table while complimenting the rest of your dining home décor is critical.

A comfortable dining room chair will help your guests feel at ease while entertaining them with stories and feeding them delicious cuisine. When it comes to the finishing touches for your dining room, there are many seating options to choose from. There's an attractive option for everyone, whether you prefer midcentury pieces or a unique bohemian atmosphere. Get the greatest dining chairs for yourself and your guests.


Vintage Cross Back Dining Chair With Arms - Shabby Chic Finish - Antique Blue

Dining chairs aren't something you'd expect to find in a first-floor flat. You wouldn't be able to live without a bed (you need to sleep!) or a sofa (where would you eat instant ramen while streaming The Bachelorette?), but dining room furniture isn't as important. That is unless you want to throw a brunch party or eat at a table now and then. Investing in dining chairs, it turns out, is critical.

The fun part comes: from playing Goldilocks and selecting the ideal setting for you. The hidden heroes of every dinner party are comfortable chairs that tempt visitors to stay long after dessert, once the dishes are bare but for a few crumbs.

Cosy dining chairs that welcome guests to stay long after dessert, once the plates are left with only a few leftovers, are the true heroes of any dinner party. Of course, aesthetics has a part to play. If you're ready to leap from the couch to the dinner table and invest in an entire set of the finest dining chairs, keep reading for solutions from designers and do-it-yourselfers to the old question: "How do you select and buy the perfect seat?"


Numerous elements go into creating a stunning table setting. Tableware, flatware, centrepieces, placemats, tablecloths, and other accessories are available. However, the chairs are the ones your guests will engage with the most. It isn't easy to find a suitable modern seat that meets all of the criteria, such as blending in with the dining table and withstanding daily use, and, of course, there's the important matter of comfort.


Dining chairs are available in various basic sizes ranging from 18" to roughly 21".

Dining chairs come in all forms and sizes, but the best size for your space is determined by the size of your current dining table. When gathering measurements, account for plenty of leg and lap room. No one wants to feel like they need a booster when sitting or bruise their knees every time they have to stand up. So, make sure to account for plenty of leg and lap room. These designers chose seat height for a conventional table ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Experts also suggest that because most visitors won't want to straddle a table's base, it's also necessary to consider where the chair and table's legs meet.

With or Without Arms

It's all about how much space you have. A specialist recommended that you start by asking yourself a few questions: Where will the elbows fall at the table? Will they be able to keep the chair from slipping beneath the table? From there, it's a matter of personal preference. We prefer to utilise arms because they can provide a structural or architectural moment. That's why we like to use them, particularly on the ends of tables where there is frequently greater space.


Chair arms are also linked to comfort—wonderful it's to have a spot to rest your elbows now and then. However, if you're short on space, you don't want to feel like the edges are closing in on you. Material selections play a role as well. We understand that dining chairs must be visually appealing. However, if you plan to sit on them regularly, you don't want to be stiff or sore after half an hour. "Sit tests are always crucial," an expert emphasises. If you entertain often, you may opt to choose a structure that is simple to maintain. Focus on materials that are easy to clean and stain-proof, like a wooden chair featuring a leather pad.


Not all chairs indeed have padding. There are numerous design variances amongst chairs, including size differences and material composition. Some people, though, prefer it this way. If you're one of these people, you might consider purchasing cushions to place on these chairs while you eat. Cushioned seats and backrests are available on either end of the spectrum. These elements will also positively or negatively impact the satisfaction of using each chair.


Dining chairs come in various colours, making them more accessible to the public. It's because, before making such a purchase, people must often consider the colour scheme of their homes and, especially, their dining rooms. If you can't find your favourite chair in a hue that matches the rest of the room's furnishings, you will have to give it up because it will look out of place. If you have a variety of shade selections to choose from, you won't have this difficulty.

Weight Limit

A basic weight restriction of 200 to 250 pounds should be sufficient to support most persons and their belongings. Higher weight limitations mean you can put weight on the seats without them breaking, which means they'll last longer.

Leg Protection

It's even better to find an upholstered dining chair with leg support. It guards against damage and ensures that your seats last longer. Leg protectors are available from various sources, but your dining chairs must support them. As a result, you should inspect the leg design before buying the chairs. However, this may not be essential in other cases where the chair legs are already well-made.

Extra Features

Additional elements increase the appeal of certain dining chair sets. However, you may discover that new features are also linked with other expenses, which may dissuade you from purchasing particular chair types.


Even though some of the experts we have spoken to said it's fine to mix and match, most people will buy multiples of a dining chair. Begin with your price and table size, and work your way backward: You can complete a six-seater table with a less expensive choice or splurge on a set of design seats to round out a set you already have.


  • It's crucial to consider how you'll use a dining room. Are you more into long dinner parties and thus require pure comfort in your chair, or is space a major consideration, necessitating a streamlined chair?
  • Experiment with the height of your chair for a more casual eating setting—a taller back lends itself to a more classic atmosphere, while a shorter frame can feel extra modern. Alternatively, include a bench or stool.
  • Vintage isn't always the greatest option. It has a contemporary silhouette, and the curving of the patterned wood generates tension against the harsh lines of the wallpaper. Sculptural occasional chairs can stand alone and anchor a space without using a table."
  • Enjoy blending materials and allowing for contrast. Pair a black dining table with a lighter wood or, inversely, if you have one. Other materials, not just wood, should be considered. The most important tip is to avoid becoming too matchy-matchy.


How much space does a dining chair need?

To avoid guests feeling like they're on top of one another, we recommend keeping at least 4 inches between dining chairs. "If the chair itself is wider, then you'll need to compensate for additional space," says a common rule of thumb. You can fudge the figure even more in high-traffic locations where space-saving techniques are required. Consider backless stools, which are often narrower than standard eating chairs. To avoid people feeling crowded, it's preferable to leave around 4 inches between each chair.

What is the best dining chair seat height?

The best height for a dining chair is around 17 and 19 inches. For children's use, you can deal with 20 inches.

Is it necessary to have arms on dining chairs?

Arms aren't usually found on dining chairs. They aren't necessary because the user will likely eat with their arms on the table. Furthermore, the arms on these eating accessories may prevent the user from approaching the table and, by extension, their food.

What is the best way to clean and preserve my dining chairs?

The fabric or upholstery best determines what you select. Cane, for example, is fragile and subject to tears and fading, so keep it out of direct sunlight and moisturise it with a water-and-oil mixture now and then (but don't oversaturate it!). When it comes to spills, wood and metal are easy to clean, but a pillow is more prone to stain, so choose performance textiles if you have children or a habit of entertaining family and friends.

How much do dining chairs cost?

A dining chair can range from $100 to $400 and up to $1,000. A well-made, high-quality chair will typically cost more than $300. Below that, your chair won't last nearly as long. It will also compromise its quality and durability. However, it doesn't imply that a nice chair must cost $1,000.

Quality will vary depending on the style and company, but at a certain price threshold (about $800), you'll be paying more for beauty and detail instead of a better-built chair.

It may appear like spending $300 on a single chair is excessive. But don't forget that, while mass manufacturing makes life easier and less expensive, the products aren't necessarily of the highest quality. Finally, think about what works best for your budget, home, style, and how long you would like the seats to last.

Why are dining chairs expensive?

It's critical to understand why you're paying a higher price for a piece of furniture. A machine cannot manufacture a dining chair. We collaborate with local artisans who take pride in their work and go to great lengths to ensure that their dining chairs are made to last.

What are the characteristics of a well-made, high-quality chair?

Supplies, craftsmanship, time, and labour are all factors to consider. Making a chair or two can take just as long as making a table.

They craft high-quality chairs from one piece of lathed wood with a lengthy back leg reaching to the seat's back. Because the back of the seat bears the majority of the weight, it has the potential to deteriorate over time. The back leg of a more cheap chair will be made up of many sections that are bonded together and then moulded on a lathe.


Aesthetics are normally priority number one, whether a modern dining chair or a cheap one, but designers recognise that comfort is just as vital. Everyone has their ideas about what makes them feel at ease. Some people dislike chairs with back openings or upholstered chairs due to food stains on the fabric. Some individuals prefer wipeable chairs, in which case a wood or plastic chair is preferable, but it's always a good idea to have the conversation first because it's so subjective.

No matter what you prefer in your dining sets, you can find a good fit here at Sweet Pea Interiors in Australia. We offer quality and beautiful pieces of furniture for your home.