Sweet Pea Interiors Owner

Hello! I'm Clara Bradley, your Artisan Paint Company Retailer and Furniture Refurbisher in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.


By choosing me as your Artisan Paint Company retailer and furniture refurbisher, you're not only opting for Australian-made, non-toxic paints and finishes but also supporting a local business with a commitment to creating stunning, eco-conscious spaces.


My passion for transforming furniture and creating beautiful spaces has led me to refurbish furniture for over five years. What started as a beloved hobby eventually blossomed into a full-time pursuit. Today, I am a dedicated retailer for the Artisan Paint Company, offering an exceptional range of eco-friendly, handmade paints and paint finishes made right here in Australia. I am committed to providing you with sustainable and high-quality products that blend aesthetics with environmental responsibility.


In addition to representing the Artisan Paint Company, I specialize in giving new life to furniture pieces using various techniques. I incorporate these pieces into an exclusive collection available for sale and also welcome custom orders. I work closely with clients to design and create bespoke pieces that perfectly suit their unique styles and preferences.

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For personalized consultations, expert advice, and all your Artisan Paint Company and furniture refurbishing needs in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, you can trust me, to help you create remarkable, sustainable interiors. Together, let's make the world a more beautiful and greener place, one space at a time. 😊