Choose the Right Cushion Insert Sizes

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Choosing the appropriate cushion insert sizes can make a huge difference in the final appearance.

You may believe that every cushion insert is created equal, but trust us when we say that not all cushion insert sizes and fillings are the same! It's just as vital to pick the correct cushion insert as it is to pick the right cushion cover.


Cushion Insert Aus Made Polyester Premium Lofty Fibre Multi Size Available

With these cushion inserts, you can invest in Australian-made excellence. These inserts are made of superior polyester fibre filler and come in various sizes to meet your demands. These sizes will cover you whether you need a little cushion to lay your head on or a bigger insert to relax comfortably. They are allergy-free and odourless, allowing you to relax.


After you've purchased your pillow cover, what's next? To help it live its greatest pillow life, I'd like to make it as simple as possible for you to figure out what size inserts you must buy for your pillow covers! With sizing variations from each brand, understanding which one to size up on, how much to size upon, and so on, it can be a bewildering world. I'm ecstatic to share my tried-and-true recommendations with you!


One thing you should always do is go up a size in your insert size. That implies you'll need a pillow insert that's larger than the size of your pillow cover! As a rule of thumb, the smaller your pillow cover is, the less you'll need to size up on your insert. The larger the size of the pillow cover, and you'll want to move up a size.

First and foremost, just because you bought a cushion insert in a given size doesn't imply it will immediately suit the cushion you have. In reality, your cushion insert must be somewhat larger than the cover to account for its three-dimensional size and shape, which may seem counterintuitive.

What's the point of having a cover that's smaller than the insert? It all makes sense if you realise that a cushion insert is supposed to be slightly compressed when inserted into a cushion cover, as it's part of what allows a cushion to, well, behave as a cushion!

But, in terms of picking the correct size insert and cover, what does this entail in practise? "Slightly larger" turns out to be exactly that: a 55cm × 55cm insert, for one, requires a 50cm x 50cm cover to fit well.


Decorative Oriental Blue Floral Linen Cushion Cover/Pillow Case

When deciding which cushion insert size to purchase, we always advise going up a size. We should still be able to squeeze your insert inside the cover, so don't worry. However, moving up a size will give you a cushion that is really full and plump, instead of one that is a little flat. For example, if your cushion cover is 18 inches square, we recommend a 20-inch square cushion inner for a complete effect.

If you own a smaller sofa, smaller cushions may be preferable. If you have a huge sofa or one with a deep seat, though, you can stack it with larger cushions for a more comfy and inviting look.

Sweet Pea Interiors offer Size 14 cushion insert, Size 16 cushion insert, Size 18 cushion insert, Big cushion insert size 20, and more.


To check for a cushion insert, you must first determine the size of your cushion cover. Usually, cushion covers are square or rectangular in shape, so measure the sides of the cover if that's the case. If you have a circular cushion cover, however, just measure the diameter.


Most retailers usually stick to a few basic sizes. A little square measuring 45 x 45 cm and a bigger square measuring 60 x 60 cm are among them. These are the most common sizes for your couch or bed. However, before you buy a cushion cover online, make a note of the size to ensure that you can find an appropriate cushion insert to go inside it. Remember that there are many different sizes and shapes to choose from, including heart-shaped pillows!


Cushions can impart a stylish look on the outside but their insert should also provide you with comfort and practical use. However, looking for an insert for your throw cushions can be a tricky task. The character of the cushion is determined by the interior of the outer covering, which provides structure and defines how plump and cosy the cushion will be. You'll need to get an insert that looks good and keeps you comfortable for extended periods, but there are a lot of options. Let’s explore the popular options and their features.


Cushion Insert Aus Made Polyester Premium Lofty Fibre Multi Size Available

For a variety of reasons, this is a top choice among cushion consumers. Cushion inserts made of polyester are lightweight, easy to clean and retain their shape. They come in a variety of densities, and the more closely they resemble down in appearance and feel, the more pricey they are.

It's an obvious choice if you're seeking a non-allergenic and odourless textile. Polyester cushion inserts provide additional back support while also maintaining cushions full and upright. Since they're by far the most robust material available, they are ideal for cushions in children's rooms or other high-traffic areas.

Down and Feather

Down is a three-dimensional cluster of dozens of soft fine filaments derived from the undercoating, fluffy section of duck and geese feathers, and it's the most opulent and costly alternative for cushion fillings. It's a natural material that provides warmth through a process known as lofting, and it's frequently sold on its own or in combination with feathers to make the insert firmer.

Pillows with down inserts provide plushness and squish in any interior setting, making them feel cosy and comfortable. The pillow's weight is provided by the feathers, while the comfort and opulence are provided by the down. When utilised on the sofa or bed, down and feather cushion inserts retain their shape better and adhere to your shape.

However, they are hard to clean, require frequent fluffing to preserve their loft, and can get lumpy with time (excuse the pun!). Down and feather inserts are more expensive because of their excellent quality, but with careful care, they can last a lot longer, making them a worthy investment.

Eco Filling

This type of cushion insert offer your pillow a fuller, plumper appearance. Cushions filled with this filling will bounce back. It keeps their shape without the need to constantly plump them up.

If you want your cushions to have a "karate chop" look, you'll need a feather-filled insert. The eco filling will simply bounce back and will not keep the chop's shape.

Recycled water bottles are used to make the eco filler. The Eco fibre has the same feel and performance as high-grade polyester fibre, but each cushion insert prevents 25-35 plastic bottles from being discarded in landfills. That is beneficial to the environment.

PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate - is the type of plastic used to make beverage packagings such as sodas and water bottles. The containers are sterilised, removed from their labels and lids, and then shredded into a fluffy mess.

Eco filling is antimicrobial and non-allergenic. It's made from recycled materials and is vegan-friendly.


We've put up a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about cushion inserts to help you out while you search for and buy your new cushions.

What's the best way to figure out what size pillow insert to use?

The majority of individuals use a pillow insert that is the same size as the cover. A typical rule of thumb is to always get a cushion insert that's at least the next size larger if you want a more plump cushion. It all relies on the look you're going for. Some covers won't function with inserts that are bigger than their size because they won't stretch to fit them.

Is it possible to wash cushion inserts?

It depends on the materials used to make your cushion inserts. Washing feather or down inserts, for example, is not recommended, although you can wash polyester-type inserts. If your inserts become dirty, you can either have them dry cleaned or vacuum them to eliminate any dust.

Is it possible to tumble dry cushions?

If you want to avoid mould, ensure sure your cushions and inserts are totally dry after cleaning. You may either tumble dry it on low heat or hang them to dry in an airing cupboard. Avoid using high heat to avoid damaging the insert and causing it to clump. Prior to tumble drying any cushion or insert, make sure to read the labels.

What makes some inserts more expensive than others?

It all relies on the cushion insert's fill. Feather and down inserts are often more expensive than polyester inserts. The price of feather and down inserts is then determined by the fill ratio. Feathers are less expensive than down, so the more down in the insert, the pricier.


Whatever size cushion insert you require or the type of fill you desire, it's critical to select one that is made with high-quality materials. Couch cushion inserts are designed to be durable and withstand the rigours of being used for multiple seasons, so they must be made with processes and materials that guarantee they will last as long as they are needed.

Always buy the best, greatest quality cushion inserts you can buy, as these will more than likely last a long time and serve as a good investment for your home design. We can answer your questions on how to pick the best cushion insert, how to choose the right cover for your insert, or any other decorative items issue. Contact Sweet Pea Interiors today to find out how we can help you bring your home together with the greatest indoor and outdoor cushions and pillows available!

Check out different cushion insert sizes in Australia from Sweet Pea Interiors. We guarantee quality in all of our products. Stay comfortable in your home by buying only the best in Australia!