How to Style With a Teal Ottoman

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Are you looking for a versatile, elegant piece of furniture? Th ottoman is a terrific spot to put your feet up, sit, or set a tray of treats at gatherings while keeping extra blankets, shoes, toys, or other items you don't want spraying around your home. Small apartments, playrooms, and family rooms will benefit from a teal ottoman with storage anywhere there's a space and staff crunch.

Ottomans provide additional storage while also giving a comfy spot to rest your feet and legs in your living area.


The weather is warming up, and flowers are blooming. That can only mean one thing: it's the season to redecorate! Now that spring cleaning and organising are complete. It's time to switch things up. Why not switch to a new ottoman if you don't want to make any major changes? Ottomans are not only fantastic for enhancing home decor, but many versions also serve as hidden storage gems.

You'll need an ottoman with built-in storage if you're short on room. These pieces serve as both furniture and concealed storage. Some even have a flip-top or reversible tray, allowing you to transform your cushion ottoman into an ottoman coffee table quickly. We've identified the greatest storage ottomans in every size, shape, style, and budget, whether you're looking for dorm room decor, extra seats for an apartment, or extra space to hide debris.


Teal is made up of blue and green tones. Teal contains green elements, even though it is more typically associated with blue.


While the colour teal piques the interest of some, it piques the interest of others. It prefers solitude. Teal is reserved as a result of this personality feature. It stays close to the vest and rarely emerges from its shell. Don't take it personally if you're having trouble communicating with teal. Teal has its limits, and it doesn't like it when people cross them.


Teal is a vigilant colour, always on the watch for danger. While there's no need to worry, teal has difficulty relaxing. It's why this colour tends to make people nervous. When teal surrounds you, you can discover that you're more tense and tense. Teal sometimes can lose sight of the fact that life is meant to be lived.


Teal does not pass judgement swiftly or severely. In other words, it's a welcoming colour. Teal always makes it a point to grasp both sides of a story, no matter who it meets or what situation it is in. It's encouraging for mature and peaceful partnerships. Use teal as a teacher if you're learning to be more welcoming.

Encourages Practical Thinking

Teal does not make snap decisions or punish people harshly. In other words, it's a warm hue. No matter who teal meets or what scenario it finds itself in, it makes it a point to understand both sides of a story. It's good news for mature, tranquil relationships. If you're studying to be more hospitable, use teal as a teacher.


There's no denying that teal is a tightly wrapped colour. It does, however, effortlessly promote relaxation. With a little help from teal, you can easily decompress. That's why you'll see this colour in so many homes. Life's stress might make us feel nervous and angry, but teal reminds us that these emotions are fleeting. Teal slows negativity in its tracks with a healthy dose of realism and understanding.

Gives Clarity

It's common for life's unknowns to cause anxiety. If you've had this feeling before, teal will help you relax. Teal provides emotional healing and spiritual growth by relieving people of their worries. Positive impacts pave the way for good development.


If you're wondering what colour to paint your teal ottoman and sofa, we have two ideas. Gray and beige are the colours, and this post will show you how to decorate with teal furniture. So, if you're confused whether or not to acquire a teal couch, now is the time!

Homeowners frequently avoid purchasing couches with unusual hues. They avoid anything that isn't black or brown because they believe it will be difficult to style. But now is the time to break free from this mindset and surprise yourself with a new living room appearance!


Adobe Grey Color Palette

Grey walls look best with a teal sofa. Like the hue walls combined with a red sofa, grey will contrast beautifully with the vivid teal furnishings. When choosing a wall colour for a teal ottoman, keep in mind that you want to pop without making it look gaudy.

Grey walls and a teal chair look wonderful in living rooms because the colour combination works well in both day and night illumination. The lights flashing in teal and grey are intended to create a lively yet warm atmosphere in the living area. As a bonus suggestion, choose a floor colour in the same colour family as grey to complete the effect.


beige light Color Palette

The combination of beige walls and a turquoise sofa is ideal for individuals who wish to make their living room appear larger and brighter. Because teal is a chilly colour and beige gives warmth, you can play with contrasts with this colour combination. If you want to make various items in the living room part of the focal point, cream and other neutral colours should work nicely.

The benefit of using beige walls with teal furniture is that you may design the space with other bright colours without it being cluttered. Pastel cushions on the couch or green-hued paintings on the wall are excellent choices for this colour scheme. Yellows and different warm tones can help bring a splash of vitality to the room.


60-30-10 Rule

You can use the 60-30-10 formula to style a teal sofa for interior decorating. Choose three colours: 60% for the dominating shade, such as a neutral wall colour, 30% for the bolder hue, such as a teal couch, and 10% for the accent colour, such as gold or blue for the decorations.

Complementing Colours

When decorating teal furniture, the complementary colour scheme is a great option. The colour opposite the shade of teal you have in the colour wheel will be your secondary colour in the space. To balance everything out, use the complementary hue to contrast the teal furniture and plenty of neutral colours like beige and cream.

Cool and Warm

Teal is a flexible colour for styling and decorating since it is halfway between warm blue and chilly green. Use more warm hues if you ever want the room to appear brighter and more joyful. If you want your living area to look more peaceful, choose cooler tones.


Collaroy Large Fabric Storage Ottoman - Dark Grey

Storage ottomans are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes. If you keep the following in mind, we believe you will be pleased with your purchase!


Ottomans exist in various shapes and sizes, including little cubes, large benches, circles of different diameters, and large squares. They're more likely to double as coffee tables as they get bigger. In a pinch, smaller ottomans can be used as chairs or side trays.

Colour and Design

Ottomans will attract a lot of attention, so think about the rest of your home's design—modern, rustic, farmhouse, etc.—before buying.

Pick a good storage ottoman that complements the area's colour scheme and style. Ottomans come in a wide range of hues, from basic browns and blacks to vibrant reds and blues. For added visual appeal, some may have a pattern.


Do you like a tufted button look? Leather? Velvet? Something else, perhaps? Everyone will find something they enjoy. If your teal ottoman also serves as a coffee table, choose a fabric that is easy to clean in the event of spillage.


The capacity of a storage ottoman relates to how much weight it can support. Most storage ottomans have a weight capacity of 200 to 600 pounds. Ottomans with high weight limits can serve as both seats and storage.


Many ottomans have a padded top packed with cotton, foam, down, or synthetic materials to form a comfy seat or footrest. Choose a padded ottoman if you want to use it for seating and storage.


Can you sit on an ottoman with storage?

Most ottomans, but not all, can be used as seats. Check your ottoman's weight capacity before using it, especially if numerous people will be resting on it simultaneously.

Can you use it outside?

Certain storage ottomans are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the material used. Choose a model constructed of waterproof and weatherproof fabric, such as plastic or canvas, if you desire ottoman storage outside.

What can you store inside a teal ottoman?

You can store anything in your ottoman as long as it fits and won't damage it. Outdoor ottomans can hold patio cushions, towels, and gardening tools, while inside, ottomans are commonly used to store blankets and pillows.


If you want some fun with your décor, try using teal. We determined that grey and beige are the greatest selections for teal sofa what colour walls in this article. If you have a teal ottoman, you can even use pink, yellow, orange, red, and blue as paint colours. We also offer round teal ottoman that also somes in different colors.

With so many alternatives, teal sofas are less scary to decorate and use in the living room. We hope we've sparked some new ideas, so let us know how your decorating endeavour goes in the comments!

Sweet Pea Interior has the best teal ottoman and couches in Australia. Don't hesitate to contact us for more questions and suggestions.