A Round Timber Mirror Will Make Your Living Room Better!

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A Round Timber Mirror Will Make Your Living Room Better!

One décor tip is certain to make a room appear larger. No matter how small or gloomy, Mirrors may convert any room into a light and airy area—particularly large circular mirrors. Yes, we're having a round-mirror moment, and bigger is better. A round timber mirror will transform your living room into something amazing for sure!

Large round mirrors can be used as a statement item in every room of the house, bringing a breathtaking elegant factor to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. With various frame styles ranging from sleek and elegant to vintage and brassy, the circular shape transforms the mirror from functional to ornamental.


To bounce light throughout the space, hang round and oval wooden mirrors on the walls. To reflect natural light and create an airy atmosphere, place a huge round mirror opposite a window. Choose a pale frame made of timber, birch, oak, or white painted wood to achieve a contemporary Scandinavian look. A starburst design adds a touch of mid-century modern to a neutral area and creates an eye-catching focal point. For a more traditional, old feel, choose a carved surround.


Mirrors are the most important home design item since it brings shine to your life and provides your home with a rich look at a low cost. A mirror's reflecting characteristics can completely change the appearance of a room, giving it a whole new aspect. While mirrors exist in various shapes and sizes, from the standard rectangle to the more abstract heart form, round mirrors have recently become highly trendy and are here to stay. A circular mirror will easily blend into your space.

Round mirrors are lovely because they have no harsh edges or angles. One of the greatest things about round mirrors is that they bring dimension to your space right away. It's particularly useful in the bathroom and bedroom, as these are the places in which most people seek relaxation. Because there are no sharp lines or angles, decorating with smooth lines and rounded edges is an excellent approach to encourage relaxation.


A round mirror is a good choice since its rounded edges offer warmth while increasing your environment's cool, natural light. Every time you look into them, they mirror the most beautiful and unique creation in the universe: yourself. Round mirrors are now utilised not just for self-portraiture but also for home decorating.


When a round mirror is strategically positioned in the interior of a home, it offers the illusion of extra space, making a small room appear larger. Allowing the décor piece to play with light alters the overall view inside the room, which will undoubtedly represent the personality of the homeowner or the building dweller in general. Round mirrors come in a variety of sizes and framing styles. A timber round mirror is particularly intriguing since it lacks the harsh corners of rectangular mirrors. These spherical mirrors are perfect as centre decorations on empty walls because they don't have sharp edges.

You can use a round mirror to widen the space in a remote location. Interior designers frequently recommend using a huge, unframed mirror to emphasise or expand the area. Wall mirrors are also used as interior decor by some designers. You can transform a mirror into a stunning decor piece by using different frames. 

A timber round mirror will create beautiful changes in your home.

Changing them with round mirrors is a terrific alternative whether you're redesigning your home or want to add a little design spice. Consider spherical mirrors with a white or pale-coloured frame or even no structure if your decor includes pastel colours. It's entirely up to you what you use, although keeping the overall aesthetic in mind is always a good idea.

There are many different designs of wall frames for mirrors, particularly round ones. They're sold at department stores, speciality stores, and antique shops. You can also find good pieces online, like the Sweet Pea Interior. There are vintage frames, modern frames, coloured frames, wooden frames, and even abstract frames. As a result, you can choose between wooden and metal frames for mirrors.

You can use your imagination and hang them anywhere. Don't limit yourself to a single size or style. Hanging circular mirrors of various sizes and shapes on your wall can turn it from a plain wall to a work of art.


It Creates Space.

The finest use for round mirrors is increasing the visual size of a room. Ideally, your circular mirror should be placed over a major focal point in any room, such as your sofa, headboard, fireplace, or dressing table. The attention will be drawn to your room's essential characteristics and the projection of the opposing wall, giving the appearance of a larger area.

Because most furniture is rectangular, circular mirrors add visual variation to your space. However, many round mirrors might appear highly effective if you want to subtly impact your wall while boosting reach. ​

It Increases Light

In a darkened environment, the circular mirror adds additional light. A mirror may reflect light into your living area and then project it surrounding it. When deciding where to hang your round mirror, check for light sources in the room, such as a lamp, window, or open doorway, and hang your mirror precisely opposite the light source. It will allow the mirror to wonderfully reflect the light. It also gives your room more visual interest. ​

Large Modern/Decorative/Stunning Brand New Milano Round Timber wall Mirror

It Enhances Furniture

You can effectively use a large round timber mirror to complement your current furniture. It brightens your room, but it will also aid in illuminating important objects. Mirrors in front of a closet or on a dressing table may instantly brighten up a space while adding light. If you have a tiny round mirror, you may mount it on the back of a display cabinet or a bookcase to complement the ornaments you have on exhibit in your home.

Another benefit of a round mirror is that it allows you to view the back of your decorative items when placed at the rear of a cabinet or sideboard, enabling you to show them off to their greatest potential.

It Creates a Focal Point

A single mirror can be a beautiful element when used alone, especially if it has an ornate frame like other ornamental wall items like paintings and photos. You should use mirrors in the same way. A round mirror's curved lines are gentler than standard rectangular lines, and they can help you focus on a specific region without overpowering your present environment. Use a range of mirror forms, a rectangle mirror, and some small round mirrors to make a regular display that immediately creates a fantastic focal point on your wall.

Round mirrors are also a wonderful conversation starter and can instantly transform any wall into an artistic work. They have a bright, joyful nature that can help brighten up any drab living area. Sunburst mirrors are typically smaller and have a striking frame, making them more of a decorative object than a functioning mirror. It's perfect if you want to use the mirror as a focal point in your home while simultaneously increasing light and space.


Sweet Pea Interior is the place to shop if you're looking for a small or large round timber mirror in Australia. Round timber mirrors are cool because they may soften a space with their organic contours. Because of their reflecting properties, they are ideal for making a room appear larger and brighter.

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