The Latest Trends from Artisan Paint Company

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Are you ready to delve into a world where colours have a language of their own? A world where paints are crafted with as much love and passion as an artist would paint a canvas? Welcome to the latest trends from the Artisan Paint Company, where tradition meets innovation, creating colours that can transform your living spaces into an artwork of its own.

The Magic of Mineral Paints


The Artisan Paint Company is renowned for its mineral paints, a trend that is rapidly catching on. The mineral paints are eco-friendly, low VOC, and quick to dry, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who prioritize health and the environment.

What's more, these paints are available in an array of colours, each designed to bring a unique look and feel to your interiors. From the warm tones of 'Desert Sun' to the cool hues of 'Ocean Mist', there's a shade for every mood and setting.

Chalk Colours: Timeless Elegance


If you're in love with the velvety, matte finish that exudes a sense of vintage charm, then the chalk colours from the Artisan Paint Company are for you. Not only do these paints provide a stunning aesthetic, but they're also perfect for furniture revamping, giving your old pieces a new lease of life.

One of the trending colours this season is 'Mushroom', a sophisticated neutral with a touch of warmth. Perfect for a minimalist aesthetic, this shade complements both modern and classic décor styles.

Perfecting Your Project with Primers and Finishes


A painting project is incomplete without the right primers and finishes. Artisan Paint Company offers an array of primers and finishes that not only enhance the longevity of your paint job but also add a protective layer to your painted surfaces.

The clear primer is a favourite among customers, providing excellent adhesion for your paint while maintaining the original look of your surfaces. As for the finishes, the matte varnish is a hot trend, delivering a non-reflective finish that protects your surfaces from the rigours of daily use.

Brushes and Accessories: The Artisan’s Tools


Every artist needs the right tools, and the same applies to your painting project. The Artisan Paint Company has a curated collection of brushes and accessories that can help you achieve a professional finish.

The Italian handcrafted brushes, for instance, are a must-have. Their high bristle density ensures a smooth application and finish, while their ergonomic design provides comfort during prolonged use. The stainless-steel paint can opener is another customer favourite, designed to open paint cans effortlessly without damaging the lid.

Artisan Paint Effects: Creating Masterpieces


Last but not least, the Artisan Paint Effects are the secret ingredient for those looking to create a unique, artistic vibe in their spaces. From metallic effects to crackle effects, these products add an extra dimension to your painting projects.

The Metallic Cream is an exciting trend this season. Available in shades like 'Bronze', 'Silver', and 'Gold', this product lets you add a luxurious metallic sheen to your furniture, accents, or even walls. The Rust Effect Kit is another fan favourite, enabling you to replicate an authentic rust effect on any paintable surface. Ideal for adding a vintage touch to your décor, this product is perfect for those seeking a creative and unique aesthetic.

Combining Trends: The Ultimate Home Makeover

Now that we've explored the latest trends from the Artisan Paint Company, let's imagine how you might combine these to create a breathtaking transformation in your own home.

Start by choosing your primary colour from the mineral paint collection. Let's say you opt for 'Ocean Mist', a cool hue that brings a sense of calm and tranquillity. You can use this colour to paint the walls of your living room, creating a serene backdrop.

Next, pick a piece of furniture that could use a facelift – perhaps an old coffee table or bookshelf. Using the chalk paint in 'Mushroom', transform this piece into a chic focal point that complements the 'Ocean Mist' walls.

To ensure your paint job lasts and the colours remain vibrant, apply the clear primer before you start painting and finish off with the matte varnish. Not only will this enhance the durability of your paint job, but it will also provide a beautiful matte finish that adds to the overall aesthetic.

Now, let's add some artistic flair. Use the Metallic Cream in 'Gold' to highlight the edges of your chalk-painted furniture. This will create a striking contrast and elevate the piece from plain to posh.

Lastly, consider using the Rust Effect Kit on some of your accessories – maybe an old lamp base or a couple of picture frames. This will add a touch of vintage charm and tie in with the overall theme.

Remember, the right brushes and accessories can make a world of difference to your painting project. The Italian handcrafted brushes from the Artisan Paint Company are designed to provide a smooth application, so don't forget to add them to your toolkit.


The Artisan Paint Company is about more than just paint; it's about providing homeowners with the tools, products, and inspiration to transform their spaces into a reflection of their personality. With its eco-friendly products, wide range of colours, and exciting paint effects, the company is setting new trends in the home décor market.

So, whether you're planning to revamp your entire home or just looking to upcycle a piece of furniture, the Artisan Paint Company has everything you need to get started. Happy painting!