Transform Your Backyard with A Quality Outdoor Furniture

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It's time to expose the patio furniture as the weather warms, remove the cushions from storage, and get the grill ready for burgers. However, occasionally, after the furniture from the previous season makes its appearance, it no longer appears to be in guest-ready shape and forces would-be hosts to look into new outdoor seating options. They rapidly learn that they have lots of options! So do first-time buyers of outdoor furniture, who frequently feel daunted by the variety of materials, styles, and options. Read on for advice to help you wade through the flood of alternatives if you're in the market for new dining and seating options for your outdoor living space.

Excellent outdoor furniture makes your deck or patio comfortable and functional, allowing you to extend your inner spaces outside. If you have a weather-resistant table and chairs, for example, you can move your dining area out, and if you have comfortable rocking seats or Adirondack chairs, the ceiling of your living room will look like the blue sky.

Consider how you plan to use your outdoor area before choosing the appropriate furniture. Do you prefer to relax by a fire on your patio or enjoy meals on your deck? Will you host larger, more public events or smaller, more private ones? The answers will guide your purchase decisions.


There are lots of excellent materials available. The greatest, however, will depend on your lifestyle and geography, among other things. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of the various materials used in outdoor furniture to choose the best investment.


Teak is by far the most prominent type of wood for outdoor furniture of all the options. And with good cause. Teak outdoor furniture offers outstanding all-weather performance naturally. Its stunning, warm tone has unmatched beauty and can resist even the roughest settings. Teak is impervious to water and more resistant to insect stings because of its high oil and natural resin content. Teak is an extremely durable outdoor furniture alternative since the oils shield the wood from dry rot.

Teak wood furniture has quite a golden-honey brown tint when it is brand new. Teak wood naturally ages into a sophisticated patina of grey if left untreated. A teak sealer will normally last a whole year before you have to reapply to protect the original colour from fading (such aging does not impact the quality of the wood but might not be the aesthetic you're hoping for.)

Plastic and Synthetic Resins

Artificial resin is a fantastic material for contemporary outdoor furniture because of its low care requirements, lightweight, and exceptional all-weather durability. Standard artificial resin outdoor furniture is woven in a wicker form for a classic outdoor appeal. Contrast this with artificial wicker rattan, often used indoors and faded in the sunlight. Outdoor furniture made of synthetic resin wicker can survive the harsh elements.

Nylon, polyethylene, and PVC are a few popular synthetic materials used to create synthetic resin wicker. Make sure the wicker is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) if you're thinking of purchasing a piece of furniture made of synthetic resin. Compared to PVC, HDPE is a higher-grade thermoplastic with greater strength, durability, and heat tolerance.

Smoother polymers like high-grade polyethylene, polypropylene, and others in the mould give unmatched sculptural and colour options. Additionally, they are lightweight and extremely durable, making carrying outdoor tables and chairs much simpler. Some moulded plastic components can even have color-changing LEDs added because they are hollow.


Although wrought iron was popular in the past, it is now uncommon in contemporary outdoor settings because of its weight, propensity to rust, and high maintenance needs. The two metals most frequently utilised for modern outdoor patio furniture are aluminum and steel.


Aluminum may be cast or extruded into any shape or pattern, making it incredibly flexible. It is a desirable choice for outdoor furniture due to its lightweight and toughness. Aluminum patio furniture is minimal maintenance and doesn't rust like iron or steel when exposed to wet or salty outdoor air. It also does not dry out or crack like most hardwood furniture when exposed to sunlight. Only in areas subject to strong winds is outdoor metal furniture not recommended.


Although steel is the most durable substance, it is also the heaviest and most pricy of metals. Steel furniture is heavier than other types of furniture, making it harder to move yet more stable in the wind. The finest materials for outdoor furniture are galvanised or stainless steel because ordinary steel corrodes and rusts fast when exposed to the weather.

Please be aware that exposure to chlorine will cause steel outdoor furniture to corrode, whether it is galvanised or stainless. Steel sheets are coated with zinc during galvanising to prevent corrosion and increase the metal's resistance to moisture exposure except for saltwater. However, stainless steel adds chromium to molten steel, making it rust-resistant and able to withstand exposure to even saline water. Because of this, stainless steel is ideal for marine settings. Therefore, to further protect it, make sure that any steel poolside furniture has a great, durable powder coat finish. 


The most comfortable option among your choices is unquestionably upholstered outdoor furniture. It delivers the ultimate in relaxation and has a style that might equally well be applied indoors. Outdoor textiles are typically made of synthetic fibres resistant to water, such as vinyl, polyester, and acrylic. In addition to being breathable, these weaves are naturally resistant to sun fade, dampness, and other outdoor damage.

The weather resistance of its fill material significantly impacts how waterproof outdoor fabric can be unless it is utilized only as a sling. QuickDry foam and other comparable fill materials are to hasten water evaporation and runoff and eliminate mould and mildew problems. Despite this, it's crucial to safeguard upholstered furniture throughout the winter.


Concrete, once considered a building material, is now becoming popular as a fundamental component in design, including contemporary outdoor furniture. Concrete furniture designs are elegant and aesthetically beautiful and strong and durable. However, concrete is porous, heavy, and prone to natural discoloration. Acidic chemicals like vinegar and lemon juice disintegrate the cement paste, while liquids soak the surface and convey the stain into the concrete.

However, not all outdoor concrete furniture is created equal. Mixes of concrete and fibreglass or resin are lighter and preserve the surface from stains. However, some furniture pieces use native concrete, which is usually porous and also not resistant to smudges or freeze-thaw temperatures that cause cracking.


Know What You Need

Before you head to the stores, first and foremost, be completely certain of what you're buying. Is the furniture intended for the family outside dining, barbecues, large gatherings, or all of those above? Everyone knows how simple it is to seek a sofa and return home with a table instead since you could not resist. Unless you have a sizable garden, this is absurd. Tables take up a lot of space, so an outdoor sofa would be a better option unless you enjoy dining outside. If you have children, bean bags would be preferable.

Take Measurements

Making sure everything will fit is the next item on the list, which includes measuring your deck, terrace, or other outdoor space before you start buying.

Create a Shopping List

The main consideration while choosing the materials for outdoor furniture should be comfort. Also, don't undervalue adaptability. It is simpler to move furniture about the yard to follow the sun or fold it up for storage in the winter, thanks to lightweight materials like polythene or aluminium.

Although many great deals are available, spending money on high-quality materials is ultimately wiser. For example, you could be better off choosing a weather-resistant wood like teak or cedar than a table made of pine.

Test and Read Reviews

Increased product options need comparison shopping when purchasing outdoor furniture, especially since prices for the same manufacturers can vary greatly. Go online, read magazines, and consult friends. Above all, check the stability and comfort of outdoor benches and chairs. Even better, request to take a sample piece home so you may test it out before spending a lot of money.

Opt for Space Savers

Instead of several chairs that can give the impression of being cluttered in tiny gardens, think about benches or built-in seating. A seat can be incorporated into a wall's angle, into a wall's recess, onto the sides of an outdoor fireplace, or on top of raised beds, retaining walls, or water features. You can create the steps to the balcony wide enough to serve as sitting, or install integral timber seats that frame the edge of the timber decking. Use foldable chairs and tables instead, which can be stored when not in use or during the winter.

Maintenance Plan

Even with materials that require little maintenance, like aluminium, teak, and all-weather wicker, taking good care of your outdoor furniture will extend its lifespan by years. Plastic, resin, natural wicker, and painted wood are less weather-resistant materials. Store furniture inside or cover it to provide protection. Steel and wrought iron must be constantly weatherproofed or painted to prevent rust. Rattan, wicker, and natural grasses may also require weatherproofing, and wooden furniture may need to be oiled or treated with a preservative. All outdoor furniture should be thoroughly cleaned in the spring using a light soap and water solution.



Don't automatically believe that price is the best determinant of quality when you shop. So how can you determine if a piece of furniture is high quality?

  • Consistent Finishings. Even in obscure places like the underside of the tables, wood should be flawlessly polished and devoid of imperfections. The finish of painted metals must be consistent. Wicker shouldn't be loosely wound or in danger of unraveling on the frame.
  • Tight Joints That Fit Snugly. Metal welds ought to be comparatively seamless. Make sure there are no exposed, unpainted places on metal or, even worse, rust stains.
  • Ensure chairs don't sway or flex excessively (some flexibility is OK, especially on tubular metal chairs designed to be springy). Once the table is put together, repeat the process.
  • The exchange and return policies of the retailer. Just in case your products seem damaged or badly completed when they are delivered or picked up.


Sweet Pea Interiors Australia offers different outdoor furniture pieces for your diverse needs. We only provide the best quality products to ensure your satisfaction. Please get in touch with us today so we can assist you in finding the best furniture pieces for your home.