Creative Bedroom Bedsides Ideas

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Getting out of bed because you can't find a spot to put your bedside lamp, a glass of water, reading materials, or anything else you need during the night is the most distressing of all possible problems in the bedroom. There is no justification for not having a bedside table. If you're looking for design ideas or need to be creative for your bedsides since you don't want to spend money on one or have room for additional furniture, you've come to the right place.

You're at the ideal place if you're seeking design ideas or need to be inventive because you either don't want to spend cash on one or don't have enough room for additional furnishings. For unique bedside table suggestions and a few conventional ones for the purists out there, continue reading.


Your bedroom is where you can find complete relaxation and a peaceful night's sleep, allowing you to awaken energised and prepared for the day's activities. It would not be fair to disregard the bedroom when planning your rooms and décor, given how vital it is. Vastu Shastra claims that numerous designs and ideas may be implemented that make your bedroom feel positive and provide an excellent view.

When thinking about the bedroom's interiors, there are a lot of topics that you can cover. The bedside table is one of the tiny details we almost forget about as we focus on the wall colours, the huge bed, and the upholstery.

How significant is the nightstand? Some people don't think about getting a bedside table but regret it repeatedly. Nearly two-thirds of people in this day and age use their smartphones before going to sleep. On the other hand, some of these individuals also have different habits, including reading or listening to music. It's a good idea to have a side table so you can conveniently do your tasks while lying in bed and then leave any electronics or books there while you sleep.

Not only can you keep such luxuries on your bedside table, but you can also keep other essentials like water, prescription medications, and other items, preventing you from disorienting at odd hours.


Elegant Chair

In the right setting, even a plain side chair may seem stylish. Here, the ad hoc side table and accent chair contribute to the casual, undone elegance.

Have Some Good Lights

It's now fashionable to have a fantastic light alternative on your nightstand. Many people have study lamps in their homes. However, some people do not enjoy reading and hence don't favor keeping a study lamp on the side table. What do they then do? The night lamps are lowered to the side table. There are many beautiful night light arrangements for bedside tables today, including moonlight globes, coloured lamps in the form of chandeliers, and many others. Just leave enough room for essentials like water, your phone, and other items while maintaining the space's aesthetic appeal.

Console Table

You should place one console table between the two twin beds to keep the room simple and uncluttered.

Stack of Books

There is no simpler situation than this. Stack some books for an incredibly simple, inexpensive, and stylish bedside table that isn't a table. Add more till you reach the height you want.

Floating Shelf/Nightstand

Attach a floating shelf or small floating table to the wall to conserve space on the floor while still having a location for your bedtime necessities.

In bedrooms with limited space, mounting your bedside table on the wall is a very simple decision. One of the greatest bedside table designs for a small room is a floating nightstand, whose components are probably a little smaller than traditional bedside tables and give the piece a more understated appearance. A floating nightstand creates the impression of the design and additional space underneath. It will be much easier for you to access that collection of items when you need them if you have under-bed storage space.


Finding places for your belongings in a tiny bedroom is one of the biggest issues because the bed takes up most of the space. When there isn't a place for an additional table, even a windowsill might offer extra storage for accessories, illumination, and other necessities. Consider novel ideas.

Built-In Desk

Even if there might not room for extras in your bedroom, you can use every nook and cranny to its maximum. The oddity in the architecture is transformed into a desk. It will offer a place to work or a tiny vanity station for getting dressed.

Add Decors

People who enjoy decorating their homes are extremely numerous. If you fall into this category, you may add some decorative items to the nightstand, such as a flower vase, miniature ornaments, and many others.


Use a dresser as a nightstand table if your bedroom is spacious enough. It will free up extra surface area, allowing you to have more lights and space for your trinkets. On the other hand, pick the dresser instead of a bedside table if your bedroom is far too small to accommodate both because it comes with storage.


Go Minimalist

Limiting the items on top of your bedside table should be your first step if your bedroom is too small for a typical bedside table. These bedside solutions will help increase the room for all the other necessary items if you can replace your bedside lights with wall-mounted or pendant roof lights. This style of night table decor also improves the design and feel of the bedroom.

Choose Something Useful

For the bedroom side table decor, you don't need to have two identical bedside tables on either end! If one side of the bed is larger than the other, you can also use a typical bedside table and leave the other side free or decorate it with artificial plants. That will make your bedside space look more stylish and sophisticated.

Look Around You

Finding places to put everything in a small room can be a challenge because the bed, the room's focal point, takes up most of the space. So, creative, minimalist nightstand ideas and a considerate approach are required in such a case. Now, if your bedroom has a window with a window sill, the window sill itself can provide some additional space for a bedside companion and natural lighting. This creative nightstand design might be a great temporary storage solution for various objects when there isn't enough for a second table.

Use Stools

Who said your bedroom table had to be a simple bedside table? Investigate other household items that might better fit your needs. A stool may make a wonderful bedside table, and we're confident you'll adore it. It is much lighter in design than a bedside table and has just enough space on top. Furthermore, it is more affordable than any other design for a bedroom side table.

Try New Design Tweaks

When talking about multi-functional and compact furniture, how about a bed with a stow-away bedside. This bedside table's design is interesting and inventive in that it is original and eccentric. We could all use a few extra inches now and again while discussing home interiors. Therefore, if you can improve the design, you can have a place to put your essentials while you sleep soundly and have access to more space during the day by simply pushing it under the bed. This nightstand is generously big enough to hold your cups. If you hid it throughout the day, you wouldn't even be aware it was there.

Install Bedside Shelves

The bedside shelf concepts are so great because they display the limited space; you can usually squeeze something in to serve as a bedside table. You can find a block or square rack that complements your area because they are available in practically all shapes, sizes, and colours. They may easily be mounted above or next to the headrest on the walls of your bedroom.

Comfy Chair

If you are tired of searching through bedside tables for small spaces because none of them seem to fit your style, give up on the idea entirely and find a cool seat or a comfy chair to use for everything while also boosting the appearance of the space.


Putting furniture in your room in a way that serves two roles is another simple method to make the most of the space there. Consider setting up a workstation next to your bed. Set it up with a comfortable chair and a desk that snugly fits next to the bed. When you have limited room, this arrangement can be very helpful for working from home.

Narrow Down

What should you do if your room is small and you need ideas for thin bedside tables? Choose a slim nightstand; it takes up little room and can fit even small spaces. It can be combined with a practical faux leather to serve as a newspaper holder, making it simple to get to the books you want to read before bed. Solid wood construction gives maximum stability and makes it simple to coordinate.

Use Tray Tables

Tray tables are a fantastic way to safely store smaller goods, making it significantly less likely that you'll knock that delicate pair of glasses over while rushing to beat the morning alarm. They're also extremely fashionable, as this foldable table ably demonstrates.


Today, having a bedside table alone is not enough; it also needs to coordinate effectively with the rest of the bedroom's furniture. In addition, several fundamental guidelines must be observed when decorating your nightstand.

  • It is important to pay close attention to the table's height. The table should match the height of the mattress in height. Similarly, if you have a lamp nearby, you should ensure that its height is equal to the height of the bed's headrest.
  • A table with at least two drawers is also a good choice because you can store necessary items like your glasses and other things you can't keep on the table.
  • Make sure the table area is not overloaded; instead, store only a few items there and always leave space for other things, like a cup of tea one morning or extra medications for when you're sick.


You can use a reading light for tasks that need attention to detail, such as reading, writing, drawing, using a computer, and crafting. Reading lights provide close-up illumination in a limited area to help you concentrate on what you're doing.

Choosing the ideal reading light can be challenging because reading lights differ greatly in their designs, features, and uses.

Make sure there won't be any bright lights in the bedrooms. Intense light can fool your brain into thinking it is daytime when it isn't. Your body will react by creating serotonin before you realise it, making it difficult for you to fall asleep.

A decent bedroom lighting source should have a luminous flux of 1,500 and 4,000 Lumens.

A soft, warm tone is ideal for creating a calming and intimate atmosphere in your bedroom, whether you're reading, cuddling up to watch a romantic movie, or playing chess before bed. The colour temperature can go up to 3000k, but as it's meant to be used for reading, it shouldn't go below 2700k to avoid triggering strong feelings of worry or emotion.


You need to make various considerations when considering purchasing a bedside table; you can't just choose a straightforward bedside table at random. Of course, choosing anything—not just a bedside table—requires carefully considering your surroundings and needs; if you buy the first item that catches your attention, you can regret the choice as soon as you get home.

Sweet Pea Interiors offers bedsides in Australia that will surely complement your bedroom's interior design and your personality.