Buy the Right Console Table for Your Lovely Home!

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A console table is a piece of furniture that's long and shallow storage option typically positioned flush against the back of a couch or a wall in an entryway. It is a terrific way to make the most of tight spaces and provide extra storage while still showcasing your style and personality in your house. From this article, you can choose the ideal console table for you by learning about the various characteristics and advantages of console tables.

Choosing the greatest console tables is crucial because an entryway table is among the first things you see in a house and can influence the room's atmosphere. The terms "console table," "entryway table," and "sofa table" are all interchangeable terms for the same type of furniture: a somewhat long, narrow table designed to serve as a surface without occupying up a lot of room. One of these statement pieces will work perfectly as a location to set down your catch-all trays, mail, remotes, and decorative bowls.

Console Tables

Console tables come in various designs, hues, and sizes. You must pick one that will fit in your area. In this essay, I'll go through the different things you should consider while selecting a console table.

It's a long, shallow table positioned against a wall or behind a sofa. It's frequently utilised in an entranceway or hallway. The height spans from 28 to 32 feet, with an average size of 30 inches.

On console tables, you can easily store keys, address books, phones, plants, and other items. A console table can fit in even the smallest of places, especially hallways, as they're available in various sizes and styles. You'll be able to locate the ideal console table, whether you're looking for a small console table, one with drawers or one with mirrors.


Choosing one requires first determining the height and length that are needed. The size of the space you'll be using will select this. The height must not be higher than the sofa when used behind one. Additionally, you should ensure that the length is equal to or less than the sofa, but not too short. The key is in the proportions. Your console table shouldn't be any shorter than two-thirds the length of the couch.

Finding one with material and colour that complements your location comes next once you have determined the ideal size.


  • Wood: Console tables made of lumber have a distinctive natural grain and are long-lasting. Finding a wood product that matches your decor style won't be difficult because it comes in several tones and stains.
  • Metal: Wooden console tables are durable and have a characteristic natural texture. It won't be difficult to find a wood product that complements your decor style because it is available in various tones and stains.

  • Mirrored/Glass: Spaces appear bigger when the tabletop or even drawers have a shiny surface. To keep your console table fresh, quickly clear up fingerprints and smudges.

  • Granite/Marble: Tables made of marble or granite are excellent choices for rooms with plenty of visitors. Your breakable goods won't fall off because of the resistance of these weighty materials against unintentional bumps.
  • Concrete: A concrete console table attractive enough for serving and weather-resistant will complement your outdoor living areas or patio kitchen.
  • Stone/Slate: Console tables get a polished look from warp-resistant materials like slate and stone without losing strength or longevity. Various slate/stone tables improve the design of your room without the high upkeep care, whether your choice is art deco or contemporary farmhouse.
  • Plastic: Console tables made of plastic and acrylic are popular because they are more affordable than tables made of glass or stone, weigh less, and can support up to 300 lbs. of weight without breaking. The translucent material, which is modern and simple to clean, makes your space appear larger.
  • Leather: Console tables made of leather or synthetic leather (suitable for vegans) provide colour and texture to your room. Your entire space will seem sleek and sophisticated with the addition of patterns like crocodile or shagreen.



Choose a console table that arrives constructed if you don't have the time, the tools, or the patience to assemble furniture. The best thing about a built console table is that you may use it immediately after receiving it.

Live Edge

Console tables with living edges are a fantastic accent for a one-of-a-kind object that also serves as a conversation starter. No two live edge console tables are ever the same, highlighting the distinctive characteristics of natural wood like knots, cracks, knots, and organic texture.


Scratch-resistant console tables are ideal if you have children or dogs or if you like to toss your keys on the floor as you enter the room. They also help extend your furniture's life by preventing normal wear and tear.

Stain Resistant

Certain console tables are carefully painted and coated to seal the surface from spills and stains. If individuals in your home frequently set glasses down without coasters, choose a table made of a combination of solid and engineered wood to keep moisture out and avoid those tenacious rings.


Some console table designs have shelves, drawers, or cabinets for additional storage. For a discreet but elegant storage alternative, use baskets or bins. A catch-all dish can be left out for things like masks, keys, and other necessities you might need before leaving the house. Get those shoes off the floor and away from the entryway, so you don't trip.



Any home's entrance area, including the entry hallway, is occupied with entryway tables. Most residential areas are essentially square plots that connect to other parts of the house because they may be modest.

To ensure that they sit in the way of everyone and blend in with the surroundings, entryway tables are often small and not overly thick.

Large entryway tables are available for use in those places, even though larger homes would need more to be appropriate to the larger space.

An entryway table's conventional length will vary depending on its size. Most of it will be between 30 and 76 centimetres, but for larger spaces, they can be as long as 60 inches or 152 centimetres.

The depth of an entryway table typically varies and ranges from 14 to 18 inches (36 to 46 centimeters).


Similar to how you can adjust an entryway table's width and depth to meet any space size, so can the heights. There are little to larger ones to fit any needs for the best aesthetic and efficient use of space in console tables. What height must it be then?

Your personal preference and the design of your home are the two elements that will determine the height of the entryway table you require.

Homes with higher ceilings and taller walls will benefit from an entryway table that is more elevated to fill the space properly. In magnificent hallways and entryways, taller entryway tables are maybe 40 inches or 102 centimetres high instead of the standard 35 inches or 89 centimetres.

Because they have higher surfaces and more room for drawers and shelves for aesthetic and practical reasons, these taller entryway tables will be more adaptable.

The medium‐sized 30 inches or 76 cm would be ideal for tiny and medium-sized places, such as entryways or smaller rooms. There won't have any trouble locating the greatest ones available at this height because this is also the commonly available console table height supplied in most furniture stores.


The length of an entry table can vary greatly to accommodate any demand or design need that a homeowner may have. An entryway table's typical width is 36 to 48 inches or 91 to 122 cm.

Smaller hallways and entryways can be as little as 24 inches or 86 centimetres, and as much as 84 inches, or 213 centimetres, for larger hallways and entryways. What factors should you consider while selecting the precise width of your home's entryway table?

A regular entryway table 24 to 48 inches (86 to 122 cm) wide will be more than sufficient if it is only used as a decorative piece to exhibit items like plants, books, artwork, and the like. The need for extra-long tables won't arise.

However, the longer it is, the more useful it is if you want to use an entryway table in more practical ways, like a storage area or even an entertainment system. For the entryway table, widths between 60 and 84 inches will work perfectly.


If you want to set your console table against a wall or nestle it into a corner in your hallways or entryways, you must first decide on its depth. An entryway table normally has a depth of 14 to 18 inches (36 to 46 cm).

A deeper entryway table may create bumping, particularly in narrow corridors or busy entranceways.

To ensure that the entryway table is not lost in the space due to the taller height it will undoubtedly have, go deeper if your hallway is wider.


Once you have determined the ideal size and design for your home's entryway table, it's time to style it. To help you, we've put together some styling tactics and pointers for effectively using the space on an entryway table.

Since you can check yourself before leaving the house, this décor is also very practical. Why not use a large mirror to bring light to the hallway or doorway for aesthetic reasons? To give your doorway flair, we recommend hanging family photos on the walls or utilising the available space for fashionable frames.

You can avoid forgetting the essentials before leaving the house by adding storage containers like our favourite multipurpose bowl to hold your keys, purse, and cash.


What types of console tables are most popular?

It will eventually come down to taste and your decorating style, as with most furnishings. The most common console tables are black and white since they compliment most interiors. But mirrored console tables are also preferred for their upscale appearance and excellent light reflection. Choose wood and an oak console table for a simple, natural design.

Is a small area best suited for a thin console table?

For tiny passageways and cramped areas, narrow console tables are fantastic. While some narrow console tables are more attractive and ideal for displaying plants and coffee table books, others are more functional and contain drawers for keys and letters (with extra storage space underneath).

Console tables are functional furniture that serves a variety of purposes. If you're looking for a hallway console table but don't have much room, be sure it will add value to your foyer and that you can make the most of it. Your best choice will be a compact console table in any case.

What purpose does a console table serve?

You can incorporate a console table into nearly any unused space. To shorten the lengthy area visually, place a table against the wall. Put it in the gap between doors or at the end of a hallway. For additional storage and convenience, you may also use a console table with shelves and drawers in place of your bathroom or bedroom vanity.


Hallways can be gloomy, dreary places, but they serve a crucial functional purpose—they must store our ever-expanding footwear and coat collections, for example. After all, it's not necessarily a space we spend a lot of time in. Instead, it frequently becomes an afterthought in design, mostly left blank once we have our shoe rack stocked and the artwork placed.

Unfortunately, this area is the first thing we see when we (and visitors) enter our houses, so it helps to have a positive first impression. By adding a console table and accentuating it with gorgeous flowers or other decorative elements, you can turn your hallway from a plain space into one that makes a statement on its own. If a console table has drawers, you can store your keys, so they're ready for you when you leave the house. It can assist hide unattractive radiators.

A slender table like a console is best suited for the corridor, but they may use it in any area. For storing indoor plants, picture frames, or candle collections, a console table is a smart option if you don't want to drill holes in your walls to attach shelves. They are ideal for tiny settings as they are narrow.

Sweet Pea Interiors offers high-quality console tables and more furniture pieces that will help make your house a lovely home for your family.